Welcome to Oxford Marketing - Oxford Marketing
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Welcome to Oxford Marketing

Welcome to Oxford Marketing

You might not have come across us before, but we have been around for a while. We’ve just been called something else…

Oxford Marketing is the sister business of Jericho, which is a Customer Experience consultancy supporting market leading brands to develop world-class customer experiences. For more than six years, Jericho has been helping businesses throughout the UK and across the world to convert higher levels of customer advocacy and satisfaction into improved top and bottom line commercial performance. But we have not forgotten our roots…

Jericho’s head office is now in London, however everything started in Oxford. Since then we have built connections and supported a number of local businesses with their online and offline marketing activities. With that in mind, we recently made the decision to convert that knowledge and experience into an ongoing operation. And from that, Oxford Marketing is born!

Irrespective of size or industry sector, we work collaboratively with Oxfordshire businesses to improve their brand positioning and design, develop strong commercial strategies and improve their online presence.

And we can help you too. Call us now for a discreet, no pressure discussion about taking your company to the next level.

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