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Transatlantic Poetry Slam

Transatlantic Poetry Slam

We’re slammin’

The world’s first poetry slam to take place on two continents at the same time

This coming Saturday, in association with Hammer & Tongue, SlamIdol (The Poetry Podcast) and Science Oxford, we will be bringing you the NY vs. UK Transatlantic Poetry Slam.

The event will be hosted by the founder of the Hammer & Tongue slam, Steve Larkin, and will take place at the world-famous Bowery Poetry Club in Manhatten and at Science Oxford in the UK.

The show will feature world-class performance poets from both sides of the pond including Taylor Mali, Mahogany Browne, Jamie Kilstein, Jive Poetic, Sian Robins-Grace, John Berkavich, Spliff Richards and Danny Chivers.

The show starts at 8.00pm with doors opening at 7.00pm. Tickets are available online (, but can also be purchased at the door.

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